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Jessica Isaacson Choose one of the scenarios below, and write three complete paragraphs answering the questions that follow. (30 points) Reminder: For this exercise, you are required to write complete analytic paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a thesis, evidence and logic that support the thesis, and a concluding statement. Scenario B: A vitamin company, Pro Health (PH), was preparing to launch a new product called "ProBio." It produced 20,000 units of ProBio at a cost of $5 per unit and packaged the product in bottles with labels that prominently displayed the ProBio name. At the last minute, PH learned that an established drug company was already selling a product named ProBio. FDA regulations prohibit drugs with identical names from being sold on the market, with the penalty for noncompliance being a full product recall. Rather than face product recall and all the attendant costs, PH decided to comply with the regulation voluntarily. As a result, the product had to be renamed and rebranded; the label had to be redesigned, remanufactured, and reapplied; and a new advertising campaign had to be…show more content…
The FDA greatly investigates these companies to make sure that food, human and veterinary drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, and electronic products are safe to sell to the public. If the products turn out to be unsafe, the company will have to announce a recall. In this scenario, the FDA had yet to investigate Pro Health’s new product ProBio. Before then, Pro Health had found out that ProBio had the same brand name as another product already out for purchase. Having the same brand name as another product is also one of the things that are against the FDA’s regulations because this could protect the consumer from buying the wrong drug because of the similar names. If the wrong product was bought, it could have caused serious harm to the consumer, depending on the differences of the two

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