Jessica Hemauer Farm Girl Rhetorical Analysis

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“Try hiring some farm girls. I hear they turn out pretty good” (87). In Jessica Hemauer’s essay “Farm Girl”, she shares her trials and tribulations of growing up on a farm that ultimately leads to her unforeseen exceptional achievements and standout qualities. Her purpose is to inform her audience, growing adolescents, that hard work at a young age creates a solid foundation for the rest of life. In the essay, Hemauer vividly describes the everlasting farm chores she fulfilled each and every day with out choice. She recalls all the social and extra curricular activities she sacrificed in order to maintain her responsibilities. Lastly, she recognizes and ultimately contributes all of her later attainments and successes to her exhausting childhood lifestyle. Through the use of ethos, logos, and pathos, Hemauer’s essay effectively convinces her audience that hard work leads to…show more content…
She appears genuine and authentic in her personal anecdotes about her arduous childhood. Like any child, Hemauer never pretends to appreciate her chores she is forced to complete, for example she says, “I hate this” (83). Her anecdotes are very credible because they are relatable; “My mother makes it a rule to keep them there so that they won’t stink up the rest of the house” (83). Referring to her dirty clothes, Hemauer appeals to her audience because her mother seems to be the typical mom. Her language is simple and easy to understand making it audience appropriate and effective in describing her chores. An example of Hemauer’s use of simple language is when she says,“ After the calves are fed, other chores have to be done. Cleaning out various huts and pens and laying down fresh straw are part of our daily duties” (84). By using easy to understand language like this, Hemauer is able to reach out to young adults and effectively convey her theme. Overall, Hemauer successfully uses ethos to further prove her belief in hard

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