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Jesse Owens: The Triumph Over Tyranny In the movies good always seems to conquer evil, and in Jesse Owens case he was not part of a movie but he did however have evil before him. Owens was an African American track star who struck down on Hitler’s views in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. As the stage was set, Jesse Owens obliterated competition and left his mark as all of Berlin sported great pride and respect for the track athlete. He strived for greatness as he took home four Olympic gold medals as well as his own pride for his country pushing back the Aryan superiority idea within Hitler and Nazi Germany. Owens became the hero of America during those hostile times, and proved that no matter the race, superiority was in the minds of many. Jesse Owens played a big role in abandoning the racial boundaries in American history and especially doing so in Hitler’s own homeland. His impact can be seen through his early athletic years, his achievement in the 1936 Olympics, and his life after being an Olympian hero. As a young athlete in high school and college Jesse Owens created a name for himself setting multiple records. He went to East Technical High School in Danville, Alabama where he set himself up for success to become one of the top track and field stars at the school. Owens became a nationally recognized sprinter setting records in the 100 and 200 yard dash as well as setting another record in long jump. After he had graduated high school Owens went on to attend Ohio State University where his success and recognition continued to flourish. His first step of becoming the ultimate athlete was to perform at the 1935 Big Ten Championships, and that’s just what he did. Jesse Owens ended up setting three collegiate records in as well as getting a world record tie in the 100 yard dash. His records included the 220 yard dash, the 220 yard low

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