Jesse James and Al Capone: Outlaw vs Gangster

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JESSE JAMES AND AL CAPONE: OUTLAW VS GANGSTER A Paper Presented to Mrs. Heidi Kabadi Regis Jesuit High School In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Course American History by Connor Harshman 3/26/13 Connor Harshman There is no question that Jesse James and Al Capone both greatly effected America. These men were groundbreaking in their times, becoming nationally known for the crimes they committed. Jesse James was a Wild West outlaw that stopped at nothing to lead bank heists and rob trains. Al Capone revolutionized organized crime and made millions by selling illegal alcohol during prohibition, and kill anyone who tried to stop him. These men changed America for many years with their actions, but which of them had a bigger effect? Jesse James lived in a pivotal point in American history. The Civil War’s effects were felt throughout America for many years after its end. During the reconstruction era, Jesse James and his group of outlaws thrived. He was this image to a lot of people, especially those in the south that still strongly supported the Confederates. During this period of Reconstruction, America’s economy was not good, but at least on the rise. The costs of the Civil War left the American economy crippled. Families struggled to stay out of debt and find work, especially in the south. The politics during reconstruction were a sad joke. After Abraham Lincoln took huge steps for the country, his death set it back many years. Politicians focused on rebuilding the country as a whole, and in turn the South felt the repercussions and was not able to get on its feet the way America had planned it to. Technologically, America was making giant advances. The Railroad which was starting to become popular, was arguably the most influential invention of the 19th century. Although, it was filled with corruption, which led to

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