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Bryan Orquera Jesse As on ancient times, today’s society is composed of 3 main social classes. Lower class, middle class, and higher class, are the 3 main social classes from poorest to richest respectively economically speaking. In the book, Jesse is a lower class Mexican American who struggles to survive especially after dropping out of high school and moving out of his mother and stepfathers house to live with his brother. Today the high school dropout rates in California are of 29%. After dropping out of high school students are forced to work hard and receive minimum wages for not even having a high school diploma. This makes students’ lives hard especially if they don’t receive their parents support; some students…show more content…
Even though racism and discrimination have always been around, it was much more intense during the 70’s and earlier. As in the book “Jesse” states that Jesse and Abel received 90 $ a month for their father’s death. 90$ however was not enough for the expenses of rent, food, clothing, and college therefor Jesse must get a job as a farmworker as mentioned above the job only paid 16$ a week. This fact from the book relates a lot to those farmers who are picking berries, tomatoes, and other goods for a living today. Unlike Jesse many of today’s workers who do those jobs aren’t Americans, they are immigrants mainly coming from Latin America who are forced to receive such low payments for not being legal citizens. Once again here the message and only hope to those immigrants is to work hard. In my way of seeing this I think it’s unfair the way many immigrants and Latinos are treated sometimes because there is many hate crimes against them and also I think they deserve better because after all, the entire nation is functioning so well because of them taking this low paying jobs which most American citizens will not. Immigration is a big issue now…show more content…
In this book, Jesse faces numerous but typical problems many Hispanics go through which include being poor, problems in the family (having a drunk father in Jesse’s case), but mainly struggle for survival. Although Jesse faced and must keep facing new problems every time he always finds the way to get things done right by having determination and working his problems out even by taking sacrifices. Like I said many Hispanics face many of Jesse’s problems today and they have choices just like Jesse which are to good in school even if it means taking sacrifices not going to parties or having fun and succeed or drop out and be condemned to work hard for the rest of your life. Others also have choices such as joining the army or doing the opposite and get involved in illegal business and things. I think this books message is an inspiration and an aid to all those who struggle to pick the right choices in

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