Jess Plummer Argumentative Essay: What Is Consent?

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Consent: What is it? | College Composition I | Jess Plummer Argumentative Paper I | Imagine if Chris, Jon and Gordon had stated to Sara, “I shall assume that your silence gives consent.” What would this look like in the finally of the story? Could we assume that they had indeed thought this once or twice throughout the night? Sometimes consent is all that is left out for something wrong to happen. Even though consent can be given in 2 forms; implied or expressed, Sara did not give consent to Jon, Gordon or Chris because drinking causes a person to be vulnerable and incompetent and Sara was drunk when having sex with the boys. Consent is not just about manners and decency; it's actually the law. Legally, you need a partner…show more content…
In my Psychology book in one chapter it talked about the alcohol impairment and how it can then create bad judgment. Because alcohol acts to depress the reticular activating system, several things occur. The altering mechanism is depressed such that a person does not become aware of potentially hazardous or dangerous situations that the sensory functions detect. The sensory functions themselves are deteriorated and may not be supplying complete or correct information to the brain. A person's motor of functions is impaired; yet, because of alcohol's depressant effect that person will feel less inhibited and more self confident about themselves. As a result a person, after having consumed alcohol, is more likely to engage into high-risk situations which would normally be avoided or treated cautiously. Sara was assumed to be over the legal intoxication limit and proven here, her ability to understand or treat the incident normally was effected. Keegan stated that Sara and Karen engaged in a binge drinking contest. Binge drinking can cause blackouts, memory loss and anxiety. Young people's brains are particularly vulnerable because the brain is still developing during their teenage years (Know). Alcohol can damage parts of the brain, affecting behavior and the ability to learn and remember. Sara is only 18 years old as stated by Keegan and she is shown by this article she is still developing her

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