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Jessica woo I. Effects of early African migrations A. Agriculture and population growth 1. Bantu and other migrations from 2000 B.C.E.--1000 C.E. a. Spread agriculture and herding throughout Africa b. Displaced and/or absorbed hunting/gathering/fishing people c. Iron metallurgy after 500 B.C.E. facilitated clearing more land d. Yams, sorghum, and millet cultivated I. They also farmed and got things from Madagascar I. Such as bananas and toro and southeast traditions and yams e. Introduction of bananas after 500 C.E. caused migration and population surge II. From Madagascar III. Increased food supply IV. Enriched their their diets V. Allowed them to expand more rapidly than before 2. Population growth: from 3.5 million in 400 B.C.E. to 22 million by 1000 C.E. f. by turn of next millennium numbers exceed 11 million g. by 800 ce 17 million B. African political organization 3. Kin-based society the norm (sometimes called "stateless society") h. Stateless society and segmentary society to refer to one from of social organization widely prevalent in Africa during and after the bantu migrations i. Misleading is that it is implied that the bantu have little to no government theses accurately reflect the fact hat early bantu societies didn’t depend on heirarchy j. Early societies did not depend on elaborate bureaucracy k. Societies governed through family and kinship groups l. Usually settled in villages with populations around 100 people VI. Village council consisted of male family heads VII. Chief of a village was from the most prominent

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