The Jerusalem Patriarchate

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Patriarchate of Jerusalem First of all, a patriarch is a man who, in general, could be either a father or a founder. In Biblical scripture, a patriarch is a father of the human race, pertaining to the Hebrew people. Finally, a patriarch can be any elder man that represents a group or is chief of a tribe. The three most well known patriarchs were Abraham, his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob. In Eastern Orthodoxy, a patriarchate was one of the highest ranked bishops of an original five cities: Alexandria, Antioch, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Rome. The patriarchate is the Pilgrims came to the Holy City of Jerusalem hoping to be considered by the great James Adelphotheos, the guardian of the sacred shrines. The people considered him to be a very honorable man; in fact, many considered him to be related to God. James the Just was given an honorary priority among the people. After the Juvenal of Jerusalem, all kinds of controversies about James were put to rest, and his honorary position was quickly changed to the real patriarch of Jerusalem. Then, the Council of Chalcedon separated Palestine and Arabia from Antioch, forming the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Among the patriarchal sees, Jerusalem has been seen as the smallest and last. James the Just was known for defining the ecclesiastical order, protecting the holy worship, and potentially writing the first holy Mass. The Church developed in regards to the issue of the relation between the Law of the Old Testament and the Gospel. In other words, the issue between the Hebrew and Hellenist Christians was resolved, and James was given the title of “prince of priests.” After that, Christianity began to spread quickly and eventually acquired a global nature. The Jerusalem Patriarchate is known as the mother church of Christianity because Pentecost established the Church. The social layout in

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