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Obviously, the biggest concern is for the young boys that were allegedly sexually molested over several years at Penn State. This is, without a doubt, one of the worst crimes one human being can commit on another. Jerry Sandusky, the longtime defensive coach to Joe Paterno at Penn State is facing serious charges for his actions. It seems he operated behind a charity he started, called The Second Mile. The Second Mile was supposed to provide care for foster children. The other major issue related to these alleged crimes is, did Joe Paterno know what his close friend was doing? Remember Sandusky was to eventually replace Paterno as head coach. Penn State has one of the proudest college football traditions in the U.S.…show more content…
Paterno did report the incident to his superior. However, did he do enough? The critics are saying that due to the seriousness of the crimes, why didn't he go directly to the police himself? Many feel he is guilty for this reason. Was he trying to protect a friend and co-coach? It is difficult to answer, because it was not Paterno that saw the incident, but someone else. Joe Paterno (many people feel) is Penn State and is Penn State Football. He has been there for 44 years and is the face of the university. He is the reason why top football players in the US want to go to Penn State. His reputation is impeccable as a teacher, role model, coach and mentor. Did he make a mistake? Did he try to protect Penn State's reputation and his football program (that brings in millions of dollars for the university) at the expense of helpless children? It is difficult to say at this point. We cannot deny he reported what he had been told to those above him; perhaps the fault lies with his superiors; perhaps Paterno did not want to be the one to go directly to the police, because of his close personal relationship to Sandusky. I tend to lean more towards the fact that Paterno did report the incident to his superiors and therefore it is them to blame. The truth will hopefully come out in the coming weeks and

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