Jerry Sandusky Case

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Corporate Liability The term corporation is defined as an association of individuals, created under law, having a continuous existence with independent existence, powers, and liabilities of its members and considered legally a person. Even though forms of partnerships with unlimited and limited liability were rooted in Roman law, the first corporation was established in 1557 by royal charter. This charter granted exclusive trading privileges with Russia to the Russia Company and allowed it to have a joint-stock basis, gave it legal personality, and allowed it to sue and be sued. Prior to the Russia Company’s charter, there were many other charters that granted exclusive trading rights to other companies, but they were without legal personality.…show more content…
In retaliation of that oppression, a group of colonists called the Sons of Liberty boarded three ships in Boston Harbor and threw tea owned by the English East India Company into the water. They were specifically protesting the tax policies of the English government and the English East India Company, who had exclusive rights to colonial tea distribution. That act became known as the Boston Tea Party and remained as a reminder to our founding fathers of the influence and dominance that corporate power can…show more content…
Regardless of the fact that the university did not itself commit the crimes, their employee did while acting in the performance of his duties. The court will most likely affix financial reimbursement to the victims from the school to act as a deterrent to other organizations when they have knowledge of illegal activity but fail to act. Criminal liability also can be regarded as an aspect of vicarious liability to determine the extent a corporation can be held liable. This can extend to the direct actions of individuals who can also be indicted for criminal activity when acting within the scope of their authority and those actions benefit the corporation. Additionally, even if an employee acts on their own volition against the policies of the corporation, the corporation can still also be held liable as an entity. The 1984 case of United States v. Automated Med. Labs., Inc is case in point of corporate criminal liability found to be on a corporation as well as its employees who acted on behalf of the company. In this case, Automated Medical Laboratories, Inc. (AML) and four of its employees were convicted of conspiracy and the creation and use of false documents within the jurisdiction of a federal

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