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Penn State Penalties The Penn State football scandal rocked the sports world and dominated headlines for months. Joe Paterno used to be one of the most decorated and beloved coaches of all time. He was not only known for his incredibly long and successful career, but for his unparalleled moral compass. However; his legacy has become so tarnished that his statue has been torn down from Penn State’s campus. The penalties placed upon Penn State are far beyond anything that has ever been seen before in collegiate athletics. Experts say that Penn State’s football program will not return to its usual form for up to 10 years. I believe that all penalties affecting the present and future football program are completely just. A strong message had to be sent to Penn State and all programs that think that they are above the law. The NCAA had to show that the safety of children is more important than the money brought in by major college football. But it is not fair to punish players that were on the 1998-2011 teams. They had nothing to do with either the gruesome acts committed by Jerry Sandusky or the cover-up that occurred in the upper-office at Penn State. D1 football players sacrifice an incredible amount to play the sport they love. Months before the season starts, players are waking up early to go through brutal workouts in the scorching summer sun. They also deal with the incredibly difficult task of balancing football with academics. Their sacrifices make millions for the schools that they represent. While their educations are paid for, no additional benefits are given to them. Many players come from extremely poor households and don’t even have enough money for food and other necessities. Only a small percentage ever make it to the pros. They play purely for the love of the game. Players should not be held responsible for anyone’s actions

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