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Jerome Wilson Rabinowitz was born in Weehawken, New Jersey, in 1918 to Russian-Jewish immigrants. His father ran a successful corset factory and hoped that his son might succeed him in the business. But Robbins and his older sister Sonia had other plans. She had started training in dance, and Jerome soon followed in her direction. They gravitated to the studio of the eclectic Gluck Sandor, who operated his Dance Theatre in a loft in uptown Manhattan. Robbins was 18 when he began his studies, which were later supplemented with training in popular dance, Spanish dancing, and classical ballet. Slight in build and too old to aspire for a career as a danseur noble, Robbins excelled in expressionistic dances, in comedy and in activities requiring inventiveness and imagination. Author Jowitt makes it clear that as a late teen-ager he had potential for pursuing any number of occupations in the arts. His expressive diaries and poems show an extraordinary gift for words. He was also a talented puppeteer. Summer work in the camps of the borscht circuit brought him in contact with many of the young performers who would become celebrities in the New York theatre within the decade. He was hired in the corps…show more content…
Ballet Theatre offered him a smorgasbord of roles, including the occasional turn as a classical cavalier but generally in dramatic or comic assignments. He worked under Mikhail Fokine, Leonide Massine, Anton Dolin, Antony Tudor, and Agnes de Mille. Within two years he was allowed to portray the role of Petrouchka in Fokine’s popular ballet and succeeded Leonide Massine as the Gypsy dancer in “Capriccio

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