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Jerome Thomas Ventra was born in Brooklyn, New York 1934. Grandpa Jerry, as us grandkids like to call him, has a huge heart and strong, loving family values. He grew up with a younger sister Connie and a middle brother Victor, while roaming the harsh streets of Brooklyn. He was a skinny little Italian boy in a large Italian neighborhood. His Mother and Father came over on a boat from Sicily, Italy in the mid 1910’s. Searching for the American dream and better prosperity for their children. When he wasn’t playing stick ball in the streets or fishing with his Fathers relatives and friends, he would spend every evening at the family dinner soaking up his family’s company. Daily family supper was just the beginning of the values he would learn in keeping his family close and so loved.…show more content…
Back in those times neighborhoods were segregated and violence was present. He recalls getting into a fight with an Irish kid, sticking up for his little brother who was being bullied. Not only was the violence an issue but it was during the great depression, so He taught himself to get by on his own, becoming very strong willed and independent. His idol Uncle Rocko, taught him how to hunt and fish. He recalls going fishing by himself at age 13 just to try an supply the family with a special meal. When I first heard this story it touched me very deeply and I knew that I had quite a special Grand Father with an enormous sense of survival and care for

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