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Hi my name is Jennifer (Jen for short). I am an ordinary girl, well until I was 10. It all started when it was my 10th birthday. While I was having my party, I started feeling weird. My clothes were getting different, my hair was turning black. My mom was looking at me funny. Then she noticed me changing. She said it was time for all of my friends to go home. When they had all left my mom said “It must be time”. Time for what? Oh I forgot to tell you, when you turn 10 you start changing into a monster but only at night. When you are 15 you change fully. “Oh”, I said. While I was at school today my best friend Kristin asked me if I could sleepover. I said I would have to ask my mom. When my mom said yes, I knew I had to tell her. So when Kristin’s mom came to pick me up and we got to her house, I asked her if she could keep a secret. “Well I guess I’m good at keeping secrets” she said. Okay don’t get scared but tonight I am going to turn into a monster. “I don’t believe you”, Kristin said. Well if you don’t believe me, then you’ll see tonight. “Girls do you want some hot chocolate?” said Kristin’s mom. “Yes”, we said. When we were drinking our hot chocolate I began to change. I told Kristin not to look. When Kristin saw me fully changed, she screamed “Ah!”. “It’s okay”, I said. “Honey, what was that?”, her mom said. “Nothing, I just saw a spider”, Kristin said. “Kristin, you promise you won’t tell anyone my secret?”. “Promise” she said. When we woke up in the morning, Kristin was happy to see me normal again. “Why do you change?” Kristin said. “That’s a secret I can’t tell” I said. On Monday it was so hard for Kristin not to tell anybody. So, that’s the story of how I changed into a monster. Well….kind of…. WHOA!! It was just a dream! “Come on, Jen, let’s go” said Kristin. We have some major

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