Jenna Riley Case Study

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Jenna Riley Case Study Team B NUR/427 November 11, 2013 Karen Rousseau Jenna Riley Case Study Jenna Riley is a 14- year- old teenage girl, who lives with her mother and younger brother. She is often left home alone to care for her brother and soon starts to believe she is unworthy. She is a good student and has a good share of friends, however, Jenna starts to feel unaccepted by her peers and corresponds that unacceptance because of her excessive weight. She is self-conscious about how she looks and knows she needs to lose weight, but lacks the confidence needed to do so. She is unaware of the damage she is doing to her health by her binge eating and secretly eating unhealthy foods. She starts lying about her identity and her health to feel fit in. According to "Support4change" (2011), “adolescence is a stage at which we are neither a child nor an adult, life is definitely getting more complex as we attempt to find our own identity, struggle with social interactions, and grapple with moral issues” (Adolescence: 12 to 18 Years). Jenna’s poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and lack of knowledge of good health, puts her at high risk for developing diabetes. Diabetes Overview and Typical Presenting Signs In the United States, the population is nearly at 26 million people diagnosed as diabetics, and if a cure is not found, it is projected that by 2050 one out of three people will have diabetes. In addition, an estimated 79 million people in the United States have an impaired glucose metabolism putting them in the prediabetes stage of the disease. Type 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes seen most often in the adult population with focus given to race and ethnicity, and an estimation that about a million people have type 1 (Forseca, Kirkman, Darsaw, & Ratner, 2012, p.1338). Type 2 diabetes is generally recognized in adults, however, the numbers are

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