Jehovah's Witnesses View on Blood

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ETH paper: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Their Views of Organ Transplants And Blood Transfusions Jocelynn Cortese DeVry University Table of Contents Page 1 – Title page Page 2 – Table of Contents Page 3 – Abstract/ Imtrouction Pages 4 – 8 Body of the Essay Page 9 – Conclusion Page 10- list of References Used Abstract Included in this paper are the views of blood fractions and medical procedures involving their own blood and why is their use a matter for each Christian to decide. Why some procedures involving the medical use of one’s own blood a personal decision. Some of the treatments of what is acceptable or may not be acceptable to a Christian may include cell savage, hemodilution, heart-lung machine, dialysis, epidural blood patch, plasmapheresis, labeling or tagging, and platelet gel autologous meaning “made from your own blood”. This essay will also go into depth about someone speaking on behalf of a Witness and how they approach the medical team about their choice of treatment. How a Witness will exercise their own rights and how to deal with loaded questions that doctors and others pose that are not always asked with good motive, including the most frequently asked by doctors (and some judges) is: “Would you rather die or let your child die than to accept a “lifesaving blood transfusion?” I chose to write this quit lengthy paper because I felt it was important to explain how much this dilemma means to me because I hope to be in healthcare someday and I happen to be a Jehovah’s witness. I know the requirement was only two pages and I hope I do not get docked too many points for the length but this is dilemma is so passionate to me. I just wish I can inform everyone on why we as Witnesses do what we do. Much of my information is from my Bible of the Holy Scriptures, my local Elder Brother Smith who happens to be a part of the Hospital Liaison
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