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Amy Santiago 11/18/12 Jehovah Witnesses are known all around the world. I’m sure all of us can recall an instance when we’ve seen a Jehovah Witness walking around our neighborhoods or even knocking on our own front doors. Whether or not we agree with them or give them the time of day to explain their purpose, they’re still a growing and popular religion. Not only locally, but globally as well. They are very active in missions and spreading the word of Jehovah. As of today, there are over 7 million Jehovah Witnesses practicing world wide. Let’s begin with the history of this religion. Jehovah Witness was started in 1879 and was founded by Mr. Charles Taze Russell (1852-1916), a businessman from…show more content…
This particular religion believes that the purpose of life is basically living forever instead of being annihilated. Their views about the after life are that “144,000 elect will reign in heaven and have spirit bodies. Other Witnesses…show more content…
All others will be annihilated. Hell does not exist.” Jehovah Witnesses do not belive that hell fire exist and that a loving God would punish his people by placing them in hell for enternity. However in our bible, it clearly states that drunks, sinners, and even adulterers will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Now moving on to the practices and traditions of the Jehovah witnesses. This religion doesn’t take part in any war, voting, blood transfusions, homosexuality, no use of crosses, no Easter Sunday, no premarital sex, no gambling or drinking ,no abortion and not even birthdays. Celebration and participation of any of the occasions listed above are considered unbiblical and pagan to Jehovah Witnesses. They believe that they should instead “Live morally and in accordance with Jehovah's commandments, spread the good news of the Kingdom to others.” They celebrate only the death of Christ annually. In conclusion, this religion could seem legitimate to it’s followers. But for me, this religion seems brainwashing and false. You cannot change the context of the bible and create an entirely different story with different rules. From the beginning there

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