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4 Days in London. Day: 1 The time is 07:00pm in the morning and we just got two London. We were picked up at the airfield by a taxi and were driven to our hotel plaza. Going to the hotel we saw some beautiful things and we drove on London Bridge. When we finally got to the hotel waiters came and took our stuff we felt like superstars. We got the key to our hotel so we went up and we were quite excited because it was so nice. Since we had started to unpack, Were we really hungry, then we wanted to go to a restaurant to eat some breakfast so We went to one of the best restaurants in London, And then we got a great tasty meal We can just tell you it tasted wonderful When we were finished eating We went up our rooms, to get ready to see some Beautiful things the next day. Day: 2 The next morning When we woke up did we go to get ready for the city? So we got something to eat at the hotel and started To get dressed and put our hair op, when we finished during that we took the first Taxi to lead us to the first place we were going too. We saw amazing things like the London Eye and we tried it, It was the best. After that we were driving past Big Ben, which was quite big And the Big Ben was near the London Eye so we did not drive long. We didn’t wanted To be late for the match so we went to London underground. It was a good football game and Chelsea won it, 2:0. Day: 3 The day started as we went downstairs and eat breakfast once again we were a little saddened that we were going home tomorrow but we had agreed that we would bay Souvenirs home to our family and friends we found some jewelry That we wanted, to take home, to Denmark so we bought them. After we bought present and souvenirs we went back to the hotel, Mean while we saw Kensington Palace was also really cool. In our hotel room we Went out on the product

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