Jeffrey Immelt as a Leader

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Immelt as a Leader Jeffrey Immelt is an agent of change in today’s global marketplace. As the CEO of General Electric (GE), Immelt is strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial at his core. He has proven himself to be visionary and confident, always remaining calm and poised, unwavering in his positions and opinions when challenged on his decisions. Furthermore, Immelt has demonstrated his adaptive nature and ability to learn from his mistakes as CEO of GE by refocusing his business model and returning GE to its industrial roots. He has re-clarified GE’s corporate values, redesigned GE’s strategy, and also dissolved some of GE’s businesses, all while creating new jobs in manufacturing at the same time (Heifetz & Laurie, 2002). Throughout his tenure as CEO, Immelt has promoted change within GE as a transformation leader by successfully navigating through the first seven stages of change as outlined in the HBR article: Leading Change. Step 1: Establish a Sense of Urgency When Immelt was appointed as CEO in 2001, he immediately established a sense of urgency among his employees to foster growth from within and across all businesses. As a strategic, innovative, and entrepreneurial leader, Immelt pushed his employees from day 1 launching an “…all-out effort to make GE as renowned for innovation and organic growth as it was for operational excellence – the hallmark of his predecessor, Jack Welch” (Prokesch, 2009). He also “…ushered in a strategy fueled by technology, innovation, global markets, and strong customer ties” (Comstock, Gulati, & Liguori, 2010). Step 2: Form a Powerful Guiding Coalition By 2003, GE’s marketing team had doubled the size of their function within the company and Immelt had formed a powerful guiding coalition. Over a period of five years, GE was able to launch Imagination Breakthroughs, a portfolio of growth projects

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