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Jeffersonian Dbq Essay

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  • on February 14, 2012
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Before 1801, the Jeffersonian Republicans were usually strict constructionists of the constitution. However during the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison they had to adopt some Federalist ideas. In many instances, the two parties completely interchanged their views on the construction of the constitution. During that period of time it was difficult to characterize anyone as a member of either the Federalist or Republican party based on how they interpreted the constitution. One can see this gray color of the parties due to a letter from Jefferson to Granger that states, "our country is too large to have all it's affairs directed by a single government" (Document A) and then the complete opposite in Document F, were John Randolph talks about hoe the republicans renounce their principles. This is showed throughout the examples of the Louisiana purchase, the embargo acts of 1808 and also the vetoing of internal improvements bill of 1817.  
A excellent example of Jefferson adopting Federalist ideas is the Louisiana Purchase. From the beginning Jefferson only wanted New Orleans and as much land east of the Florida as possible. However instead he was offered the New Orleans and a huge portion of land to the west, which almost doubled the size of the United States. However there was nothing in the constitution which allowed the president to purchase any additional land. Jefferson knew that American farmers needed the land to continue to grow crops so he leaned to the federalist side in doing so. Under Thomas Jefferson, Madison served as secretary of state, supporting the Louisiana Purchase and the embargo against Britain and France.
Jefferson was not a fan of war. So In order to prevent the war. He established the Embargo Act, which forbade ships from leaving the port for any foreign destination. Trying to avoid confrontations with hostile ships. The result was economic depression, particularly in the northeast, as depicted in Alexander Anderson’s political...

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