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Amanda Worley In the historical essays written by William C. Davis, he represents Jefferson Davis as a man who is indecisive in his intentions as well as his actions. For a man with a number of flaws, many were intrigued by him and saw him as “an enigma.” (Essay 1, p. 1, line 11). Although he was one of the hardest men to work with, he was one of the strongest leaders the Confederate Army could have chosen at the time. It is shown throughout the essays that Davis, along with his generals, displayed themes of ambition, jealousy, and indecisiveness as previously stated above during Davis’ time as president. In addition to those themes, Jefferson Davis’ early child hood development played a huge role in who he was and how he acted toward other male authority figures. Jefferson Davis was constantly changing his mind. It was first shown in the…show more content…
Davis made it known that Jefferson Davis felt a hint of jealousy towards his generals. Davis had been working extremely hard as the president of the Confederacy in 1860 and 1861. He had just recently promoted P. G. T. Beauregard to brigadier in the Confederate Provisional Army on March 1, 1861. Beauregard’s number on task was to surround For Sumner. He became instantly famous in the south right after the fall of the Fort. “For a start, almost certainly the president felt some jealousy of the general.” (Essay 2, p. 19-20, lines 6-7). Davis could not handle someone else being in the spotlight what so ever. He was pretty much a celebrity in the south ever since his performance at Buena Vista in 1847. All Jefferson Davis ever wanted was to be an army man but was never presented with the right opportunity. Davis was also jealous of his general Robert E. Lee. Like Beauregard, Lee was increasingly famous in the south. Davis was so surprised by every move Lee made; and it impressed him so much the he was envious of his hard work and passion towards being involved with the

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