Jeans Market Analysis

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Content Introduction PESTLE Analysis Market Analysis Marketing Objectives Competitor Analysis SWOT analysis Market Segmentation Implementation Control Conclusion Introduction Levi’s Strauss and co is the market leader of the jeans market. This report will focus on Levi’s and the market in which it is situated. It will uncover the various analysis undertaken in order to provide a relevant marketing plan that both suits the companies vision and mission statements as well as the consumers that Levi’s should target in order to gain further market share. The findings of each of the analysis will be in depth in order to conclude what the best marketing plan would be in order to appeal to the chosen target segment of the jeans market, Women aged ?? to ??. Furthermore the report will conclude how the marketing plan would be implemented and controlled in order to fulfil the marketing objectives set out. Jeans - Global Market Analysis Although there was a marked slowdown in growth during the global recession in 2008 and 2009 the market for denim continued moving forward putting it in a healthy position to bounce back to stronger growth in 2010. By 2014 the global Jeans wear market is forecast to rise by £5bn according to research undertaken by industry website The current global jeans market is currently valued at £55bn (rising to £60bn); taking into account the historic price deflation, the cumulative growth at 1.25% per year is pretty good. Volume sales continue to grow alongside value, as the global volume sales reached 2.9 billion units in 2010. Around 40% of this was sold in Asia-pacific more than twice as much as in North America or Western Europe, the next two largest regions. However, 2010 saw shortages in the world cotton market cause by both low production levels as well as the weather conditions,

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