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Jean Piaget and the Development of intelligence in Children Psychology is the subject in which someone studies the mental processes and behavior of an individual. Jean Piaget was a famous psychologist who is well-known for his theories and work ethics. Piaget was born in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) on August 9, 1896 (Smith, 2000). As a young child attending at Neuchâtel Latin high school, at age eleven he wrote a short story on an albino sparrow (Smith, 2000). This story got him a lot of recognition. After high school, Piaget went to the University of Neuchâtel where he studied natural sciences (Smith, 2000). After many years of studying Piaget obtained his Ph.D., during this time he wrote two philosophical essays which effected the general orientation of his thinking as a young adult (Smith, 2007). Piaget moved on to the University of Zürich where he developed an interest for psychoanalysis (Smith, 2000). In 1921, he became director of studies at the J.-J. Rousseau Institute in Geneva (Smith, 2000). As Piaget’s life continued on, he married Valentine Châtenay two years after (Smith, 2000). Piaget had one unique goal: how does knowledge grow? His answer to his question stated by Saul Mcleod is that “the growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logically embedded structures superseding one another by a process of inclusion of lower less powerful logical means into higher and more powerful ones up to adulthood.” (Smith, 2000). Unfortunately, Piaget died September, 16th 1980; however, he died a well-known man (Smith, 2000). Jean Piaget contributed to the world of psychology in the 1920’s when he was hired at the Binet institute. Alfred Binet started the Binet institute. He studied the development of intelligence and helped mentally disabled children. Most of his theories and discoveries were about children and their intelligence levels. When Jean was

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