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August 9, 1896 Jean Piaget was born to Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson in Neuchatel, Switzerland he was the oldest child of four kids, at the age of eleven Piaget wrote his first scientific paper and published it, too many Piaget showed a great interest in natural science. Being in love with science lead him to get his Ph.D. in 1918 at the University of Neuchatel, in 1920 Piaget reach a different interested which was the development of a child and how they respond differently through different ages from birth to adults hood basically the qualitative of the development of knowledge . Jean Piaget became the first Psychologist to make a systematic study of what we call today cognitive development. Piaget discovered the differences between a child and adult thinking, but along the way he came up with a theory and how he developed his theory, and the methods to getting his theory. Piaget focused mainly on the cognitive development of a person his theory consist of four stages which are Sensorimotor, Pre- operational, concrete, and Formal stages. The first stage is “Sensorimotor which is from birth to age two Sensorimotor is defined as the development of knowledge through sensory and motor abilities, second is Pre – Operational is from age 2 to 7 years and is defined as knowledge of language and mental imagery and symbolic thoughts, the third step is Concrete is from age 7 to 12 years it’s define as children can reason logically about objects and events. Last but not least next is Formal which is from age 12 to adult hood, it’s define as children deeply thinking about concrete events and can reason abstractly and hypothetically” (McLeod, S. (2009). Simply psychology. Retrieved from In each of these stages Piaget discovered a child progresses strongly. Piaget has one basic method that lead to his theory which was

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