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Born August 9, 1896, Jean Piaget was a child who was very interested in nature and enjoyed shell collecting. He was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland to a father who was a professor of medieval language and a mother who was a very intelligent and energetic woman. His interest in collecting mollusks developed in such a degree that he wrote a letter to the local museum asking about their collection hours. He became very friendly with the curator and soon enough he was granted with a part time job at the age of 8. By age 10 Jean had written his first scientific paper. As he developed into his teen years, he began publishing more and more papers in earnest mostly in the field of the mollusks he collected when he was younger. As a young man he studied at the University of Neuchatel where he received his first degree in zoology in 1918. He then continued his studies in Paris at the Sorbonne. He was so fascinated by the discovery that certain errors occurred predictably at certain ages that after his return to Switzerland he devoted considerable time and energy to the further investiongations of the theory. He conducted many interviews with young children, and came up with various questions of many sorts to ask the kids. He tested judgment of perspective, conservation of volume, understanding of natural phenomenon and so on. He invited them to share their answers and this started to revel certain patterns and strategies of thoughts. He concluded that these children’s reasoning was just as good as many adult scientists but hadn’t been able to process all of their thoughts as adults do. He thought that children shouldn’t be force-fed information at an early age, that force-feeding them would make them expect answers to come from outside themselves taking away from their creative minds. Although he didn’t focus all of his theories on education, we know that he came up with the

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