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Jean Baptiste Massieu Jean Baptiste Massieu was an astonishing Deaf man was known as a pioneer in Deaf Education. Jean Massieu was born in 1772 on the outskirts of Cadillac, France what is believed to be Semen. He died later in1846. One of Jean Massieu’s most famous quotes was “Gratitude is the memory of the heart.” Jean Massieu was born Deaf the cause is unknown; he also had five other brothers and sisters that were born Deaf as well. In his childhood household him and his family created their own language a similar form to American Sign Language in order to communicate. At the preteen age of thirteen Jean Massieu first began not wanting to go to school and getting an education. He refused because he was Deaf and thought because he was Deaf (at that time he was labeled Deaf & Dumb which with that negative label would make anyone not want to be near people that would tease them) and that it would be too difficult to get an education. Around this era in time a new teacher of Deaf children appears his name was Abbé Sicard. Abbé Sicard had been trained in teaching methods in Paris, France. Eventually Abbé Sicard established his own teaching method then set up his own school in Bordeaux, France. When Abbé Sicard heard about Jean Massieu’s situation about how Jean didn’t want to attend school because he was Deaf, he took matters into his own hand. Abbé Sicard went ahead and enrolled Jean Massieu into his school in Bordeaux, France and became his teacher. Jean Massieu did really well in school and learned very quickly. In fact Jean Massieu did so well in school when his teacher Abbé Sicard got a promotion as headmaster at The National Institution of the Deaf in Paris, France and Abbé Sicard gave Jean Massieu a assistant teaching job there, and falling into the nickname "The Apostle of the Deaf in America". This made Jean Massieu the first teacher of Deaf people who was

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