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History 270 Essay due Midnight, October 13 on Moodle Turn-it-in First Essay The Question The book Life in a California Mission: The Journals of Jean François De La Pérouse recounts the events associated with a 1786 French expedition to Monterey, California. While in the colonial capital of Alta and Baja California, Jean François De La Pérouse set about collecting information on the region’s peoples, cultures, animals, and plant life. After reading the book’s introduction and journal, answer one of the following questions: What is de La Pérouse’s opinion of Spanish California? What does he think about the missions and the missionaries? What do you think accounts for his view? Has La Pérouse’s journal affected your own image of the California Missions? How does La Pérouse’s journal provide us with insight into the lives of California’s Native Americans? What effect did the missions have on the Native peoples of Monterrey? Did the Spanish manage to completely change their culture and society? Conclude by stating how Native Americans fit within the history of the California Missions. Be sure to use specific examples from the journal to make your arguments. Papers written in general terms and with few specific examples will receive a lower grade. A Word on Terminology When writing about Native Americans the preferred terms are Native Americans, indigenous peoples, or the specific name of the group. Please avoid using the term “Native” as a noun, meanwhile its okay to use the term as an adjective. For Example: Incorrect: The natives established a relationship with the Spanish. Correct: The native peoples of the region established a relationship with the Spanish. Writing Instructions The essay must be at least three to five full pages of text (no unnecessary spaces and excluding bibliography), double-spaced, and

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