Jct2 Supply Chain Task 2

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A1. Explain how you determined your product design decisions in the simulation The market research provided was very beneficial in determining the product designs that PCGlobal would utilize. Each target group had certain wants and needs that had to be taken into consideration when designing the PC for each group. PCGlobal analyzed those wants and needs to determine a level of importance for each aspect of the design based on the target demographic in order to create the ideal product that would drive revenue. The most important thing was ensuring that the product names created reflected the type computer that the consumer wanted. For example, the Mercedes group wanted a fast and powerful computer, so PCGlobal decided to name the PC for this group Odyssey to show it was an epic machine to match the demands of the consumer. The consumer demands for the Mercedes group was that the PC be fast and powerful, engineering oriented, ability to link with other computers, looks good, and has service and support. For the Mercedes group, price was not an issue. PCGlobal decided that only a top of the line computer would do for this target group. The highest performance power, best network linking connection available, best engineering software and a bigger monitor. Throughout the simulation, PCGlobal constantly ensured that the technology was constantly upgraded to keep the Mercedes group engaged in the product and purchasing it. The Workhouse group wanted a PC that was easy to use, had an affordable price, office applications, service and support, network connections, and was fun for the consumer to use. For the Workhouse target group price was the main concern. PCGlobal tried to develop a PC that would not only be efficient and provide the necessities that the consumer wanted, but also was affordable. This PC was designed with a standard monitor, high

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