Jcss Selection and Implementation Process

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Case Study Title JCSS selection and implementation process Date: Course: MGMT408 Instructor: Introduction At JCSS during the last school year they have researched and implemented a new software system that runs their whole school system. They had brought together a committee to find companies that were going to present to them and watched a lot of the systems in action in their day to day processes. Background The question that all the faculty and staff are asking is this software really worth it since the software that we used before was working fine? After implementing the new software that they chosen to go with DSI, The school system was trying to get everyone switched over to the new system by the next school year. The board committee that was put together to help with the choosing the new system didn’t know what they were looking for so they couldn’t give their thoughts about if the software would be able to do what they needed it to. Training on the other hand has been a night mare for a lot of the faculty and staff that hasn’t used computers to much had to learn everything in just a couple training sessions a few weeks before school. Discussion With choosing the new systems there were a couple different aspects that were over looked or didn’t go well. The choosing of the committee that was in charge of finding the new system and making sure that it had everything that the school system needed. Also one of the biggest down falls to implementing the new system was training of the faculty and staff and also the trainers that were sent out to the school and the time constraints that they had. And lastly testing, more testing and make sure the system was working how the school needed it before implementing it to the area. When making a decision to buy new software you need to have a well written and detailed RFI from
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