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Anusarga Shrestha Financial Statement Jerry Patton 04/07/2015 The companies that I decided on doing my project are JCPenney and Target. The reasons behind choosing these companies are, my personal interest in learning about the companies and my personal experience working with JCPenney in 2012-2013. When we think about JCPenney we think about services from website and their store and merchandise. There was time when JCPenny only use to sell apparel for men, women and children but over the time it has expanded and added home goods, fine jewelry, family footwear, women accessories etc. As we all know retail business is very competitive market. Here is 10K report for JCPenney: JCPenny compares with many other associates, location national retailers for customers, local, regional, and many other qualities of the company. JCPenny has been doing they’re best in advertising, pricing, services and quality and merchandise assortment. The company's chain of some 1,100 JCPenney department stores in the US and Puerto Rico has found itself squeezed between more upscale competitors (Macy's) and major discounters (Kohls, Target, Wal-Mart). There are 385 Sephora shops inside JCPenney locations, and specialty menswear is available at Foundry Big & Tall Supply stores ( In 2012 JCPenny’s total revenue was 17,260,000, 2013 total revenue was 12,990000 and in 2014 the total revenue was 11,860000 ( It is clearly seen that the sales/revenue from 2012 to 2014 has a difference of 5400000,which huge decreased in 2 years. The book value per share of the company is, 5.81, current ratio is 1.97 and profit margin is -4.76%. On the other hand, Target sells variety of things such as, groceries, clothing, décor and home goods. Target also offers credit card for the

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