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The multiple levels of conflict within the text demonstrate the complexity of relations on an individual level and political level. In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar a number of such conflicts are evident in act 4 scene 3. Shakespeare has implemented many forms of conflicts for example political conflicts, Moral conflicts, Ideological and personal conflicts. Bend it like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chadha is a movie that deals with similar concepts of conflict. The start of Act 4 scene 3 already begins with conflict on a political level. As Cassius tries to argue to Brutus to free the officer that he had condemned. Brutus accuses Cassius of taking bribes “Are much condemned to have an itching palm, Act 4 scene 3 line 10” , This statement just acts to provoke Cassius to get increasingly angered. Shakespeare does not just focus on the one form of conflict; he intertwines the Political aspect of this argument with the morals and ideals of both men. Throughout the start of the conflict Brutus essentially argues to Cassius about his dishonourable ways of collecting money for his armies as stated before. This is a prime example of Morals and ideals between the two men, as Cassius is not phased by the concept of extortion and less honourable forms of collecting money whereas if you flip the coin Brutus’s strict morals and ideals of honour do not allow him to do such things “For I can raise no money by vile means.” Brutus also makes the assumption that Cassius did not kill Caesar for justice’s sake but for his own personal reasons. Further showing the multiple types of conflicts that Shakespeare has included in his play. Cassius throughout this whole scene is more or less portrayed as the man who will do whatever it takes to achieve what he wants, whether this be extortion or taking bribes. Cassius is more or less displayed by Shakespeare as a cunning and sly man who

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