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Concert Review Essay The most impression and brilliant concert I have ever witness was on February 29, the Jazz Ensemble at Georgia State University. They had their first concert of the spring semester. A young and nice girl named Kimbra who also the youngest performer took the stage first with a pleasant. She appeared very cute and had a great stage presence, but during this first song I felt as if she wasn't reaching the full potential of her voice. Next was Eddie Perfect, who received quite a lot of applause upon entering the stage. He was young, charming and had a very nice rich quality to his voice, as well as a great range. But what specifically reminded me very much of a young Michael Buble was his style. “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Waltz for Debby” and “Ancient Memories” are my favorite out of all the song at that night. Jazz music sound soft and mellow as playing on however like all music, it tells a story and here are the stories of “Fly Me to the Moon”, “Waltz for Debby” and “Ancient Memories”. “Fly Me to the Moon”, written by Bart Howard and arranged by Sammy Nestico, is an upbeat standard sung most famously by Frank Sinatra. In the instrumental version of this song, a Latin-inspired sounding consonance set the romantic mood at the beginning of this song. A piano and saxophone then alternated the melody of the song as though they were dancing like two lovers flying to the moon. As the passion of the song heated up, the texture changed within the song as the saxophone took the melody and the piano and other instruments within the ensemble were in accompaniment. The rhythm, which was continuously steady seemed to get faster like a heart beat by the climax of the song. It was also at this point that the dynamics of the song were increasingly getting louder until all instruments met at the top with a bang and then changed the

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