Jazz Concert Report

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On Sunday, December 4th I attended a jazz combination concert in the Daniel Recital Hall. This recital consisted of 4 different performing groups: the Strickland Quintet, Masanotti Quintet, Harville Quartet, and Snow Quintet. All the groups played a specific style of jazz, using relatively the same instruments. These instruments consisted of a tenor saxophone, piano, guitar, drums, and bass. While each group showed differences in musical style, they all displayed great skill and magnificence in their compositions. My favorite piece in the concert was “God Bless the Child” by Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog, Jr. This piece was performed by the Strickland Quintet and consisted of a tenor saxophone, piano, guitar, drums, and bass. Unlike the previous fast paced pieces performed by this quintet, this piece started off with a slow, adagio, tempo. From the beginning, the performance caught the listener’s ear, as the saxophone played lead, followed by a soft hormonal background from the other instruments. The piece continued with separate individual solos from each instrument. This added to the tone of the piece, and drew the audience in emotionally. With the exception of the decrescendo at the end, the piece maintained an even sound level throughout. Overall, the elements found within the tempo, tone, and melody made this piece my favorite. The sudden switch from fast-paced jazz to a slow, emotionally stirring composition strengthened the performance and gave the audience something to remember. My least favorite piece in the concert was “Lament” by J.J. Johnson. This piece was performed by the Harville Quartet and consisted of a trombone, guitar, bass, and drums. Similar to “God Bless the Child,” “Lament” was also an adagio tempo piece. However, with the addition of the trombone and withdrawal of the saxophone, this piece seemed even slower. This slowness could be

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