Jayxing Essay

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Yizhou Chen Analytical Summary Analysis of the writing style, presentation, organization, language In the article, Thomas Friedman called us “generation Q”, the quiet Americans. In Friedman’s word, this generation silently endures every single mess the last generation left for them. The tone of the article is sympathy and ironic, which delivers the author’s emotion and attitude. The examples the author used to compare the last generation and “generation Q” serve readers to understand thesis better; just like the example the author used, Generation Q better demand every candidate to answer three questions about global warming, social security and deficit. These three questions help readers to understand what the urgent issues are for generation Q and how serious the issues are. As we can see from the article, generation Q wouldn’t step out and question the mess last generation left them, but bury them deeper and deeper into the computer. From the phrase like “so much less”, and “pursuing idealism”, readers can see the author’s dissatisfaction and angriness. The author really wishes the Generation Q do something practical rather than “join Facebook crusades”. The life-size statue of James Meredith was a symbol; it reveals that the generation Q should have the courage to stand out and try something to fight against the current situation, even it would hurt them. The whole article is well-organized; the author starts with the personal experience to make the paper more reliable. Later on, there are so many examples that happen in our life, which are so real and believable. Like the intense security situation after 9/11 and the Iraq war. The arguments based on these real and close examples are

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