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Jay Z Chapter 1 Grant Matherly 1) How smart is Jay Z? In my mind, even at a young age Jay Z was a very talented and smart individual. He was able to create lyrics and use them for his raps. He was so talented at doing this that even his friends would try to steal his lyrics from him and recite them like the lyrics were their own. This shows that even though you may grow up in a rough part of the world, that there are still very gifted and intelligent people wherever you go; Jay Z is a prime example of this. 2) How did he surprise/disappoint you? I was surprised by the environment that Jay Z was surrounded by in Marcy. By his descriptions in chapter 1 of the book, it sounded like a very rough place to live at the time. There was gang violence as well as drugs being distributed around where Jay Z was from. Jay Z did disappoint me however that he was involved in the drug game. I know that he says he did not try any of the drugs, but just his involvement in this distribution of drugs is a disappointment to me. I never would have guessed this about Jay Z before reading. I do see how he got involved so easily though due to all the peers and their forms of peer pressure from where he was from. 3) What does this have to do with college writing? The first chapter of Jay Z has many similarities with college writing. Jay Z’s writing of lyrics and all the work he puts into creating them is the work ethic I want to use when writing my college essays. He constantly is thinking wherever he goes about rhymes and how he could use them in raps or rap battles. Now, I don’t think I will be having any rap battles in my English course, but I do want to be able to be like Jay Z in the sense of being able to write very well. Who knows, maybe we will have a rap battle in English and I will use some of Jay Z’s rhymes much like how his friends did when they tried

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