Jay Gatsby, A True American Hero

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The Great Gatsby is an American classic written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The novel itself is centered around his life while entwined with a heart-wrenching love story. Jay Gatsby is a true American hero. He adheres to nearly all of the qualities of anyone’s idea of a hero. Jay Gatsby along with strength, intelligence, and power, he achieved the American dream. Throughout the trials of his admirable life, he achieves what would seem to be the impossible. After being stripped away from his one true love and shipped overseas, he desires to reunite himself with her upon his return. Unknown to his knowledge, Daisy Fay has become Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby, an aspiring army man falls in love. As a younger man in Louisville, Kentucky his life becomes centered upon the love of his life. Nothing mattered more to the two lovers than each other. They were all one another needed. Wishing they could spend the rest of their lives together, war starts. Jay is taken from his one true love and is forced to be shipped overseas to defend his country. Daisy was effectually prevented from seeing the love of her life for what could have been the last. “Her mother had found her packing her bag one winter night to go to New York and say goodbye to a soldier who was going overseas. She was effectually prevented, but she wasn’t on speaking terms with her family for several weeks.” (The Great Gatsby p. 75) Devastated by the pain inflicted from her true love leaving her that by the next autumn, she was just as happy as before. Then by February of that next year, she was engaged to Tom Buchanan from Chicago. That June, she married Tom Buchanan while Jay was still overseas. Bravely, he defended her from a foreign enemy. Thinking, believing that upon his return they would be reunited, he fought with valor. Heartbroken from being removed from his love, he wished to die in

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