Jay Cutler 2012 Season Essay

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MY VERDICT ON JAY CUTLER When I first moved to Atlanta about a year ago there was this burning and consistent question that was asked of me over and over again. It just so happened that my move coincided with the Chicago Bears' 2010 playoff run in which Jay Cutler was unable to return to that now infamous NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. So my new Atlantan friends and colleagues all were interested in my thoughts and insights as they pertained to the Chicago quarterback: "What do you think? Couldn't that pansy get back in the game?", "Hey man, do you like Jay Cutler?", "You think he's the quarterback for the Bears?", and my favorite, "Ahh, I tell you what, Jay has that pretty girlfriend distracting him from football, you think that's affecting his game?" And as inherently candid as I typically am the answer that I consistently gave actually bothered me. My most common response was simply, "I don't know; I'm still on the fence." But Let's face it, the Bears in recent years have been nothing more than an organization owned by a family whom the game has passed by, run by a disorganized front office, and led by a patchwork quilt of a coaching staff that is determined to maintain their respective systems despite the personnel at their disposal. And because the Bears as an organization are the most consistently inconsistent team in the NFL it was hard for me to get a feel and read on what kind of quarterback Jay Cutler was. I was excited in 08', the year before Cutler arrived in Chicago, to never have to hear Lovie Smith say again that "Rex Grossman is our quarterback," and after a formidable 9-7 season that left the Bears narrowly missing a playoff berth, an upgrade at the position was more than welcome. But after the pomp and circumstance surrounding the trade that sent Kyle Orton to Denver and the Indiana Native Cutler closer to home, the

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