Jaws Compare and Contrast Essay

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David Behaeddin Professor Wheaton Enc 1101 6/15/15 The shark’s bounty. “Opposites attract but the like-minded last”, Unknown. That’s an old quote that means so much. Sometimes opposites enjoy a short time of pure ecstasy but then all of a sudden crash and burn if they are not like minded at all. To achieve a perfect balance of these two characteristics is very rare, but the characters in the movie Jaws seem to have an excellent balance. The characters are three brave men, Chief Brody, Captain Quint, and a marine biologist named Hooper. Although motivated by different factors, Brody, Hooper, and Quint are very different minded people who band together to slay a shark that’s terrorizing a small town. All three men agree that the shark must be killed. It has terrorized the small town by devouring multiple people and has shown no sign of wanting to leave the shallow waters anytime soon. However Quint wants to embark on the journey to kill the shark due to his deep passion for sharks. He grew up with a curiosity for sharks from a child hood near death experience which lead him to study sharks further. He is currently a scientist who studies and tracks sharks and owns all the equipment and “know how”: to find, study, and kill it. Quint is also very interested on embarking on a mission to kill the shark but is in no way curious about the shark. He is a shark hunter by trade driven by a hate for sharks. Quint despises sharks due to his service in the armed forces. He has lost many of his fellow soldiers, some who were old friends, by shark attacks in the Pacific Ocean when their ship was destroyed by the Japanese. Brody has no care in the world for sharks, or the ocean at all for that matter. But after this new police captain has lost multiple people in a few days he is overcome by the feeling of
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