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By Creating Characters And Conflicts That Reflect Real Life Concerns, Authors Incite Empathy In The Reader. To What Extent Is This True Of The Novel You Have Studied In Class? Authors often create characters and conflicts within novels which reflect real life concerns in order to incite empathy within the reader. Craig Silvey successfully accomplishes this in his novel Jasper Jones. Real-life societal issues such as racism, sexual violence and Moral duality are cleverly explored within the novel through the characterization of Charlie, Jasper, Eliza, Jeffery and Laura and key events such as the death of Laura Wishart. The following discussion will demonstrate that like the characters in the novel we the audience are left with many unanswered questions. For it is a known fact that we too never recieve all the answers in life and have probably to some extent been exposed to troubling issues within society; issues which share similarities to what the characters have dealt with throughout the novel. Racism is a conflict we see alot in society throughout history and modern day.In the novel, we are exposed to many situations which racism has come to play. Silvey greatly fitted the concern of racism into the novel by creating ethnic characters and seting it in Australia during the year 1965 where there was a major prejudice towards certain ethnic groups within the country. The main character Jasper Jones is a half cast adolescent male being of Australian and Aboriginal descent. He described the town seeing him as “half an animal with half a vote”. Due to Aboriginal being in his ethnicity mix, he was viewed as a racial nonconformist. Like Jasper, the Lu family also experienced racism and were viewed as such. They were a vietnamese family residing in Australia during the time of the Vietnam war and experienced alot of torment from citizens. The humiliation the Lu

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