Jasper Jones Essay

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Practice essay In this coming of age story, Charlie must question his conventional notions of what is right and wrong as he navigates small town morality, racism and hypocrisy. In Craig Silvey’s novel, Jasper Jones, the character, Charlie Bucktin changes from innocence to experience. On his journey from innocence to experience Charlie is dared to reassess what he understands to be right and wrong. He is dared by Jasper Jones’ appeal to see things from a different angle. The event of Laura’s death is a defining moment for Charlie and the aftermath of that event lead Charlie to notice the small town morality of Corrigan, such as its inclination to participate in myth making and rumours. The actuality of racism in the form of the racial preconception undergone by the Lu family and the hypocrisy of the community which embodies and depends on the shire president and sergeant are exposed to Charlie in the result of the discovery of Laura Wishart. Throughout the novel, Charlie has to reassess what he understands to be right and wrong. This is demonstrated when Charlie reveals “This is the first time I’ve ever dared to sneak away from home. The thrill of this, coupled with the fact the Jasper Jones needs my help, already fills the movement with something portentous” His response isn’t different to the way he would usually act. “The further away we move the keener my apprehension grows”. We also find this to be true when Charlie lies to his parents “They asked me if I’d been with Jasper Jones, I was terrified, but something kicked in me. I discovered a gift for lies.” The idea of feigning innocence is also evidenced by Charlie when he thinks “No, it’s too late. Like Jasper Jones, I have seen what I have seen. I am involved.” It is clear that Charlie had strong beliefs in right and wrong at the start of the novel, but toward the end, his beliefs are completely changed.
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