Jasper Johns: Blurred Boundaries Of Pop Art

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INTRO • Contemporary – sometimes described as ‘junk poets • Born 1983 in Sydney • Completed Bachelor of visual arts in electronic and temporal art (Sydney University’s College) then master of art majoring in painting and drawing (College of Fine Art in Sydney) • Blurred boundaries between high art, amateur photography. Sculpture and painting • Celebration and critique of consumerism 1ST PARAGRAPH • Subject matter – decaying areas of once thriving landscape • Retro and romanticised – use of materials and subject matter • ““I grew up around Sydney Harbour with sodium lights, trash cans, and rubbish trucks. People often ask me why I take these ‘ugly’ things and make them so happy with primary colours, but they’re not ugly to me, that’s…show more content…
I want people to see it as a consistent and energetic body of work • Traces back but is very unique 3RD PARAGRAPH • Moved from collage like method to production of two dimensional assemblage – commercial products • Part painting and part…show more content…
• Response to the exploration of relationship between material and subject, object and painted surface to make object seem more abstract • Subject matter - Yellow truck, linear, mechanical object, exaggerated proportion with viewer positioned to look up in awe • Rough almost organic line • Bold colours – creates abstract sense of strength (appropriate to subject matter context) • Large section of yellow and small section of red – combination with black white and grey (focal area – contrasts with duller colours – variation and interest – interesting way) • Thick application of paint with solid controlled drips travelling vertically down which creates jagged lines – illusion of movement and rough texture of the road – contrasts with smooth hard texture of truck • Dramatic variation from white of negative space to solid black of truck and shadow and a middle tone to differentiate but lack of tonal range gives a two dimensional effect CONCLUSION • Talented young artist • Many exhibits and won or finalised in many prizes – Archibald, Wynne, Mosman • My

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