Jarvis Mckneil's Justice In Sweat

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Jarvis Mckneil Justice in Sweat In all societies there is some form of government or law that regulates how justice is distributed. This story is about a hard working lady named Delia who washes clothes for a living to try to make ends meet for her family. She has been married for fifteen years to a man named Sykes Jones who basically is an ungrateful man that doesn’t appreciate his wife’s hard work. He is hated throughout the town for his flirtatious ways along with his arrogance. This man treats his wife like the scum of the earth but at the end justice will be served. Delia, a skinny, nice hardworking lady, who has been washing clothes all her life, is fed up with the way her husband treats her. She has to have the clothes washed at a certain time for the white people she washes for. Every time Sykes comes home he criticizes how she keeps washing white people’s clothes as a result they argue about it constantly. He threatens to put his hands on her if she doesn’t stop washing the clothes in the house. Along with the verbal abuse she is also terrified of snakes. The only peace she gets is when he is not around and when she…show more content…
This begins to frighten her so bad that her knees get weak; she does not know where to begin to look for the snake. Walking to her clothes, she hears the snake in her basket. Immediately she takes the lamp with the last match in it and runs to the kitchen in straight fear of the snake. After running, she finds out that the match blue out and she got frustrated because Sykes took the rest of the matches. Now the whole house is dark. Outside feels safer to her so she runs to the barn and hides. After a few hours Sykes comes home to find a quiet empty house and then realizes the snake is loose in the room he is in. Scared for his life, he calls on Delia for help but she does not answer. Then with silence the snake jumps out and bites Sykes killing
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