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Pica, Vince Frances R. April 24, 2014 Communication Skills 2 PH213 M-F 1:00-3:00 BSED Dr. Edward Padama Assignment Jargon – refer to words and expressions that are used in special or technical ways by particular groups of people often making the language difficult to understand. Medicine A bands - the dark-staining anisotropic cross striations in the myofibrils of muscle fibers, comprising regions of overlapping thick (myosin) and thin (actin) filaments. Aaron sign - in acute appendicitis, a referred pain or feeling of distress in the epigastrium or precordial region on continuous firm pressure over the McBurney point. Aagenaes - Norwegian physician. Abfarad - Electromagnetic unit of capacity equal to 109 farads. Abcoulomb - A unit of electrical charge equal to 10 coulombs. The charge that passes over a given surface in 1 second if a current of 1 abampere is flowing across the surface. Babesia - The economically most important genus of the protozoan family Babesiidae; characterized by multiplication in host red blood cells to form pairs and tetrads; it causes babesiosis (piroplasmosis) in most types of domestic animals, and two species cause disease in splenectomized or normal people; vectors are ixodid or argasid ticks. Baby tooth - a tooth of the first set of teeth, comprising 20 in all, that erupts between 6–24 months of life. Bacillaceae - A family of aerobic or facultatively anaerobic, spore-forming, ordinarily motile bacteria (order Eubacteriales) containing gram-positive rods. These organisms are chemoheterotrophic. Some species are pathogenic. Ordinarily two genera, Bacillus and Clostridium, are included. The type genus is Bacillus. Bacillomyxin - An antibiotic active against certain pathogenic fungi obtained from cultures of Bacillus subtilis. Bacteriuria - The presence of bacteria in

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