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9/13/08 BAD KING JOHN Background Bad King John was born on Christmas Eve, 1167. He was the youngest son of Henry II and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine. When John was a kid, his older brother Richard tended to overshadow him. John developed a reputation for violent rages, just like his father. When his dad died, he left no land for John, so he was given the nick-name John Lackland, and all the territory went to Richard. Richard was the king before john and charged very high taxes. Then in 1216, King John died. Actions On April 6, 1199, King John became King on the death of his brother. John tended to stay home and run his kingdom on a day to day basis. His subjects began to hate him for charging too much tax money and forced many priests to leave their parishes. The barons were the rich land owners, which King John did not have very good relationships with some of them. Many people believe that the barons held King John against his will to sign the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was a document that set laws for the people and king to follow, kind of like the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights set laws for the people and government of the United States. Legacies King John was known for him signing the Magna Carta in 1215. He was also known for being cruel by charging large taxes and not caring what the people said. Analysis of Significance King John signed the Magna Carta which introduced “the rule of law” which made life easier for the people of England because the King also had to follow the rules and could not punish the people of England arbitrarily. No taxation without representation and the right to a fair trial under law are two important legal concepts found in our American Constitution and Bill of Rights which were interpreted from the Magna Carta. References “The story of King john and the magna

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