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THE EFFECTS OF JAPONISM ON THE WESTERN WORLD Documentary Film and Television Production BA honours. 2010 20013132 Word count: 8,016 CONTENTS Title________________________________________________________________1 Contents_____________________________________________________________2 Introduction__________________________________________________________3 Chapter 1: From Woodblock to Impressionism_____________________________10 Chapter 2: Murakami and modern Japanese artforms_________________________17 Chapter 3: Hayao Miyazaki and the future of Japanese art_____________________23 Conclusion__________________________________________________________30 List of Figures_______________________________________________________34 Bibliography________________________________________________________35 INTRODUCTION Japonism: “It would be foolhardy to try to enumerate the ways in which it manifests itself.” Marx, 1891 Japan, like many other cultures, has its very own, unique identity. It is a country rich in tradition and history. Majorly influenced by its close neighbour China, Japan has grown into a single entity that commands respect throughout the world for its innovation in both electronics and mechanics, its domination in the field of animation and also in its ability to continue a thriving economy when the major economies of the west seem to be falling to their knees. (Tabuchi, 2010) It has not always been this way for Japan. For centuries, the country was divided between powerful landowners who controlled large areas of land. By the year 400 AD, Japan had become pretty much a united nation known as ‘Yamato Japan’. This was probably the period where Japan changed most, with the introduction of defining characteristics such as Prince Shotuku’s Constitution of seventeen articles about moral principles; religions such as Buddhism, Taoism and

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