Japan's Informative Essay: The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Jennifer Mrs. L English II Honors 11 April 2011 The Attack on Pearl Harbor On December 7th 1941 at 7:55 a.m. the U.S. naval base stationed at Oahu, Hawaii was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Japanese nation. This was a devastating attack on the U.S nation and many lives were lost. Japan deceived America into thinking they wanted peace with America while planning the attack. Ignored warnings and miscommunication caused America to suffer greatly from the deceitful and surprise Pearl Harbor attack that the Japanese went to great lengths planning but inadvertently made a mistake by failing to realize the American resolve. The Japanese spent many careful months planning the people, date, time and outline for the attack on Pearl Harbor. On September 6th Japan made the decision to go to war with America “as needed” at the Imperial Conference in Tokyo (Rice Attack 19). Yamamoto, the Commander in Chief of the Combined Fleet, was reluctant to launch an attack on America. He had gone to Harvard and served as a naval attaché in Washington D.C. and liked America. He had a great respect of the American industry and believed in its potential. He doubted the Japanese’s leader’s wisdom of…show more content…
On the morning of December 7th the Japanese forces were nearing the Pearl Harbor naval base and receiving information from a scout in a plane letting them now that they had achieved secrecy sending out the famous coded message “Tora Tora Tora” (Fuchida) and the exact layout of the planes and ship. There were other attack sights such as Ewa, Bellows, and Wheeler fields that the Japanese had decided on as key attack points. The Japanese’s feelings were rather mixed. Yamamoto said “The rise and fall of the empire depends upon this battle. Everyman will do his duty.”(Yamamoto 51) Many believed this was a dream come
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