Japanese vs English Education Essay

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America is an opportunist country. Citizens of the country are able to get an education regardless of their religious, political, or ethical backgrounds; Unlike stringent countries like Japan and China where it’s rare. American citizens have a way better chance at getting an education than those who live in other countries. Growing up in an American High School myself, a few weeks away from graduating I’m fit to say that I believe that High school was a breeze. There never was a moment where I said “This is too hard” or “I can’t go on like this” because of the great teachers I had. When I had an issue with a piece of my work, they would try to help me understand it to their best ability by suggestions and guidance. In Kyoko Mori’s essay “School” she talked about how different the school system works over in Japan. The teachers are not to be questioned -- if the teacher tells the student what they did on a piece of work is wrong all the student can do is just accept it and try to work on it until they get it right. “I was told to ‘Try harder’, but none of my teachers spent extra time with me to go over what I was doing wrong. (Mori 133). A former Japanese student explains her hardships with mathematics, when she simply just gave up because she couldn’t receive any guidance but instead little comments like “Pay better attention” and the infamous “Try harder next time”. During actual class time, the classrooms are quiet in Japan. Unlike American schools where the kids interrupt the teacher while the teacher is instructing the class simply with a raised hand. The behavior between a teacher and student in America would be found as informal according to Japanese students. In some cases, you are able to chew gum, sleep, or drink juice in class just as long as the teacher is giving you a chance to learn. On the contrary, Japanese kids are sitting ducks, you won’t hear a

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