Japanese Visual Arts Essay

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If I asked you now to pick between reading or doing random things, what will you choose? Of course most of us would prefer doing random things than reading because reading is so, so boring... What if I told you that reading can also be fun if you'll just have an interest to it? Novels... as wells as poems are great examples that can make reading really entertaining, but one thing made reading very interesting... and it was the japanese visual arts or commonly known as manga. Japanese Manga started during the 19th century. After World War II, a young aspiring artist named Osamu Tezuka released his first work known as the "New Treasure Island". Many were amazed of his own style... and what made him the "king of Mangas and animes" was when he released his ultimate work named "Astro Boy" that turned out to be a blast to the audience. Manga is a part of the Japanese's culture and art. Since art is composed of 3 letters... I'll give 3 basic informations to all of you... How to read a manga, its different genres, and how the characters were drawn... The first is how to read a manga. Unlike the usual pattern of reading, manga was read from right to left. It means that in a manga, the cover page was located at the back. So... you'll also have to start at the back. The next information was about its genres. If you're a person that has an addiction to science or technology..., I would like to recommend reading Sci-Fi mangas... because its content was mostly composed of future events that are related to science and technology. If you have an interest to scary movies, then Horror mangas would be a hit for you. This genre exhibits an emotion of fear and terror. Like watching scary movies, you'll also feel shocked and frightful while reading mangas from this genre. If you want to see people suffer or die, then I suggest that you should read mangas

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