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12.01.08 Japanese Beetles A Japanese beetle is easily recognized from its metallic green body and reddish bronze wing covers. This beetle has a row of 12 white spots along its sides and its rear. The Japanese beetle was originally from Japan but was introduced into the United States in New Jersey in 1916. This beetle can now be found from the east coast all the way to the Mississippi river. The Japanese beetle is a nuisance through all of its stages of life. When it is a grub underground, which it is for ten months of the year, it eats roots of turf. During its adulthood, it feeds on three hundred types of different foliage and is annoying for the everyday life of the American people. Since the accidental introduction of the Japanese beetle into the United States of America, it has been a nuisance to society by causing problems to the everyday life of the American people and causing huge financial problems for big and small companies that affect the American economy. (CDFA) (UofMinn) The reason the Japanese beetle has done so well in America is that it has a better environment to thrive in and that it has no enemies in North America. In Japan, there are few very large grassy areas for them to live feed and reproduce. This is because Japan is a much more densely populated country and does not have the hundreds of thousands of acres that the United States does. In the United States, there are unlimited areas of high a quality turf for the Japanese beetle to thrive in. In Japan, the Japanese beetle has many enemies in Japan that are not in the United States, these enemies helped keep the numbers limited in Japan. In Japan, they have wasp larva that is a huge predator of the beetle larvae, but this is not in America. Without predators, there is nothing from keeping the population of the Japanese beetle from exploding, which it has over the last couple of decades.

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