Japan’s Power to Boost Efficiency Essay

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Japan’s Power to Boost Efficiency If we see the current situation of Japan, there is an increase in power production shortages that are occurring. Japan is a growing economy that has focus on the industrial growth. The increase in the industrial growth of Japan has caused a lot of power consumption. Earlier Japan worked its factories using nuclear power, but with the growing consumption, Japan has to look for alternate fuels or risk facing power outages. The critics have been claiming and warning that there needs to be a sound backup plan to overcome the power outages and have an alternate energy resource so that they can have their factories and plants functioning completely. The requirement for the alternative power generation is because there has been closure of various nuclear plants due to the reason of maintenance. The aforementioned warnings by the critics were considered an exaggeration and no formative efforts were taken to remedy it. Now, the big manufacturers have all come back with full power, and they are producing to the maximum capacity, this has caused an increase in the utilization and requirement of energy. Comparing various countries with growing economies with Japan portray the results that some steps should be taken so that they can increase their efficiency and hence produce more units by using the same amount of energy. Japan is discovering ways to improve the productivity and efficiency in their production systems so that they can make use of power in a better way. Many manufacturers and owners of huge plants are shifting to fossil fuels as a source for energy, but this power generation method will cause prices to rise to around 17% more than the usual rate at which they are paying. This rise in prices has caused firms to look for better cost effective and efficient ways so that the best use of the given resources becomes possible. Some

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